Apr 09, 2017

Pad Deco launches its Qualifications in Ductwork Installation

Pad Deco is offering Level 2 and Level 3 accredited Ductwork Installation qualifications.

In February this year, Pad Deco became an accredited training and assessment centre for the ductwork industry across the UK. Director Joe Lloyd has proven experience and expertise in delivering training and qualifications within this construction field, and wants to create an avenue for the ductwork trade to prove competency and skills, enabling workers to acquire a recognised qualification and obtain the necessary skills card essential for site work.

Over recent years, there has been a growing demand to prove competency within the work place. This is not only vital for the trades but also for employers. Additionally, health and safety legislation and insurance cover is requiring a proven level of skill and competency. Pad Deco is in the unique position of offering on-site learning and development programs that will suit candidate’s needs, as well as helping them gain that all-important recognised qualification.

Ductwork 2

Pad Deco will guide and support candidates through the process of accreditation. As an accredited training provider, we have now started inducting candidates across the country. The response has been very high and we are pleased that so many people are seeing the importance of gaining this qualification. The first qualifications that Pad Deco is offering are Level 2 and Level 3 in Ductwork Installation.


Director Joe Lloyd explains the process “I want to put the lads’ minds at rest about the qualification, which is why I try to talk to each and everyone who enquires to explain how it all works. The main reason for setting this up is the fact that I knew they had little or no avenues to gain a recognised qualification, and I am committed to supporting the lads whole-heartedly”

The process is quite straight forward: after an initial enquiry, an experienced assessor will evaluate the candidates’ skills, experience and knowledge. An Individual Learning Plan will then be developed, which will be linked to the criteria of the qualification, and – very importantly – a designated assessor will offer guidance and support right the way through to certification.

To find out more information, give the centre a call on 02920 233020 or contact Joe directly on 07749 595134.