What you’ll learn.

You will be required to achieve several of the National Occupational Standard Units for the sector, which will consist of being assessed against the performance and knowledge criteria of each relevant unit.


This will Include the BSEBSE01 (J4FC 04) Apply health and safety in the sector, BSEBSE02 (J4FD 04) Establish and maintain relationships in the sector, SUMMES7 (J4FF 04) Prepare to carry out work, and the BSEHV11 (J4FL 04) which is the National Occupational Standards for “Cleaning Industrial and Commercial Ventilation Systems”.

Course requirements

Prove you are competent by demonstrating:

1. You can perform all the specified tasks consistently to the required standard

2. You understand why you are doing things

3. You can apply the required skills in different ways

Course Overview

Your personal course structure may vary.

Unit 1

Apply Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation in the Building Services Engineering Sector

Unit 2

Establish and Maintain Relationships in the Building Services Engineering Sector

Unit 3

Prepare to Carry out Work

Unit 4

Clean Industrial and Commercial Ventilation Systems

Unit 5 (Optional)

Identify Systems Equipment and Components

Unit 6 (Optional)

Inspect and Test Mechanical Systems Equipment and Components

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