How Covid 19 is impacting the ductwork industry.

15 October 2020


Adapt and Survive.

By now we’re all too aware of the effects and implications of COVID-19 and the restrictions it’s imposed on our lives. It will have hit some of us more than others, having had a devastating impact on the UK economy.

Businesses have had to adapt and change in order to survive and possibly even thrive in the new environment. Here at Paddeco it’s been no different.

Whilst many in our industry have, fortunately, continued to work, we’ve had to quickly make changes in order to ensure the safety of our employees, and importantly our candidates.

During the initial period of national lockdown, whilst the wheels of the construction and engineering industry largely continued to turn, we had a duty of care not to expose our staff and candidates to any unnecessary risks. We therefore began to use Zoom (along with millions of others across the country!) in place of direct on-site assessor observations. This allowed our candidates to continue to progress through their qualifications to ensure they gained the necessary SKILLcard and ultimately were able to continue to work and provide for themselves and their families.

This allowed us to on-board over 70 new candidates during the lockdown period, whilst maintaining everyone’s health and safety at all times.

As restrictions began to ease, where it made sense to do so, we returned to a blend of remote and on-site observations, of course adhering to Government guidance at the time to maintain social distancing, wear face coverings and regularly wash hands.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from our candidates throughout this turbulent period and, whatever the future holds (and who knows what that might be!), we’re dedicated to maintaining a great, safe service in the coming months.

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