Wedding Ideas

Pad Deco is an award winning interior design, styling and lifestyle brand. Our wedding and event styling is innovative and stylish and we pride ourselves on creating magical spaces that will linger in the memory for ever…

K.i.s.s. – The rule most things in life are governed by (including weddings) – keep it simple, stupid! Sometimes too much detail and decoration can outweigh what’s truly important on one’s wedding day! Or in other words, say less to say more!

Let there be light – Weddings are normally an all day/all night deal. You may have been lucky to have the sun shine on you in the day but it can’t help once it gets dark! We say: go natural – candle flame is in fact much more calming and beneficial for the eyes than any artificial light. And since you don’t want anything catching fire accidentally it’s best to use a lantern – why? In the day it can be filled with gorgeous flowers and in the evening they can be replaced by fabulous scented candles!

Mind the little ones – Don’t forget that Weddings are ultimately family events – there will always be a number of restless fun-seeking children who might jeopardise the perfectionist’s vision – but worry not! as long as they have their own table and enough space beside it to be able to run and play, there will be nothing to worry about!

 Sit back – Some prefer small private weddings with only a small friend circle and a minimum-effort, maximum impact event. Others like to go all out with their special day. Something people tend to worry about is the chairs, and we can tell you, no need to worry! Even if you have the simplest of chairs, with the help of a professional you can transform them into something absolutely fabulous!

Catch the attention – Something to capture the attention and concentrate every single eye in the room to one single place – first that’s the altar but afterwards, there isn’t always an evening alternative. if you’ve looked at Asian wedding decor though you will notice a recurring theme – the lavishly decorated sofa space which is a centre piece to the whole interior. It is where the bride and groom sit and enjoy the festivities from their own luxurious cloud in heaven or it can be a wonderful spot to take photos with all the friends and family!

Love blossoms – Blooming love always goes well with blooming flowers and if you’ve planned yours in spring or summer you have nothing to worry about. Winter weddings often call for the compromise of flowers but it doesn’t have to be so! The flowers may be fake but what’s important is the aesthetic and with our cherry blossom trees you can have a full on floral wedding any time of year!